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Style your Shape, Shape your Style

Style Your Shape, Shape Your Style Go to Apple Go to Hourglass Go to Pear Go to Busty Go to Calculator Style Your Shape, Shape Your Style

Using our shape expertise, we have styled a selection of fabulous looks for every body shape, ensuring you can look and feel your best at every occasion.

Simply select your body shape below to view a lookbook that is tailormade for you.
If your unsure of your shape, click here to use our Shape Calculator >

Apple | Hourglass | Pear | Busty Go to Apple Apple - a softer and fuller middle with slimmer legs and bottom. Go to Busty Go to Hourglass Go to Pear Busty - a voluptuous bust with narrow hips and bottom. Hourglass - equally curvy bust and hips with a defined waist. Pear - curvaceous hips and bottom, with smaller bust and shoulders. Apple | Hourglass | Pear | Busty
shape calculator shape calculator

Are you unsure of your body shape? Or need help finding out?
Click here to use our shape calculator >